Neufchâtel & Hard Cider from the Pays d’Auge

Neufchâtel & Neufchâtel & Hard Cider from the Pays d’Auge

The cheese: Neufchâtel…

It has a silky, light, almost lacy character. Neufchâtel has a fluffy, white bloomy rind. Its texture is soft and it appeals to the palate immediately with its finesse, which paves the way for its delicate aroma of mould mixed with humid notes. Its aromatic and tactile properties remain largely the same over time. The cheese is meltingly soft and the finish remains delicate and refined, giving off mineral notes.


The beverage: Hard cider from the Pays d’Auge…

Its golden colour and tiny, sparkling bubbles create olfactory sensations of spellbinding freshness. Subtle fruity notes and a hint of honey whet the palate. After a fresh, nervous attack due to the bubbles, the texture is smooth. It has an elegant, quite fruity body, with a velvety feel. A pleasant, underlying acrid finish with dominant fruity notes.

Serving temperature

This cider requires a temperature of 7-8°C to reach its potential and to fully express its organoleptic characteristics.


Pairing of textures and flavours

Cider remains the top drink in this part of Normandy and it goes perfectly with this cheese because they have similar characters. This is a delicate, subtle, smooth drink, with fine aromas. Full-bodied, soft and round. Everything is a question of nuances when it comes to pairing cheese and cider, and these two sit well together and do not oppose each other. It is perhaps one of the best pairings there is.