Cheese families

The vast quantity of cheeses can be classified according to their technical information, taste, texture, shape, type of milk, etc. Here we have chosen to present you with seven families which reflect new consumption methods.

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"Authentic" cheeses

Authentic cheeses : tasting, strong character

"Blue" Cheeses

Blue cheeses: very strong character, targeted at men.

“Cheeses used daily and for cooking”

Cheeses used for cooking: practical, simple, neutral flavour, hard cheese

“Fresh and spreadable” cheeses

Fresh and Spreadable cheeses: fresh, associated with pleasure, aromatic.

“Goat and Ewe” cheeses

Goat and Ewe cheeses: light and mild

“Processed” cheeses

Processed cheeses: bought by mothers, fun and easy to eat.

“Traditional” cheeses

Daily must-have cheeses: functional, simple and classic.

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In addition to classifying cheese by consumption habits, they are often grouped on the basis of technical information. Cheeses can be classified by surface type or production process.

Learn about cheeses through their production process