To collective and sustainable progress

The french dairy industry is changing

The France Terre de Lait campaign embodies a desire to integrate economic, social and environmental challenges into the heart of the dairy industry’s sustainable development strategy. It respects the founding principles of the ISO 26 000 "social responsibility" international standard: transparency, openness, dialogue with stakeholders and the implementation of continuous and sustainable progress.

Economic and social performance

Helping all stakeholders earn a decent living
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Food safety performance

Because consummer trust is our priority
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Nutrition performance

A responsible consumption initiative
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Responsible production performance

To ensure animal welfare and protect the environment
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Did you know?

Three breeds make up most of the French herd – the Holstein Friesian, Montbéliarde and Normande. However, professionals are making efforts to protect biodiversity and as such, are supporting the reintroduction of mountain breeds for the most part - Abondance, Tarentaise, Brown Swiss, Salers, Aubrac, etc.

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