Like the ideal triptych of French gastronomy, cheese, bread and wine are designed to go together. When the cheese platter arrives during a meal, the conversation inevitably leads to questions regarding what to have with it – white, red, Burgundy, Alsace, etc. The choice is all the more complex when wine is not the only drink that can bring out the flavour of the cheeses. Tea, Champagne, beer, Saké and spirits also make for lovely pairings that you should try in order to enjoy the full flavour offered by tasty cheeses.


Did you know?

Contrary to common practice, red wines are not the best pairing with Morbier. The saltiness of this cheese actually strengthens the tannins of the wine. The acidity of white wines, on the other hand, brings enough freshness to support the fat, while their fruitiness counterbalances the strong character of these products. White wine pairings should be handled with care.