Economic and social performance

Helping all stakeholders earn a decent living

France Terre de Lait is an initiative which aims to give recognition to the expertise of those who make and process milk. This is why the industry is setting itself new objectives to improve the job security of its stakeholders.

The industry’s ambition is to be competitive, attractive and diverse, to fully embrace its role on French, European and global markets. In its plan proposal, finalized at the Food Convention Meetings, the industry is committed to maintaining milk production at the equivalent of 25 billion liters per year, which will contribute to France’s economy and international recognition.

What we're proud of

Today, the French dairy model represents 300,000 workers across France and 54,000 dairy farms in every region. Most of the processing sites are in rural areas near production sites (between 30 and 60 km away on average). With 85% of employees living in towns of fewer than 15,000 people, dairies and farms play an essential role in maintaining the economic and social bonds at a local level. The sector is not very concentrated with companies of all sizes (small businesses, very small businesses) including 5 of world rank, all investing for their modernization.

The industry today
54 000 Dairy farms

Throughout the country

760 Processing sites

and 300,000 workers across France

85% Of employees

live in towns with fewer than 15,000 people

64 cows

On average in french farms

Our aims for tomorrow

To ensure farms and businesses throughout France can remain operational, it is essential to understand the living conditions of the men and women working there, farmers and employees alike. The future of the industry stems from its capacity to provide its stakeholders a decent living and attract new generations

Our priorities

Provide better pay for farmers so that everyone can earn a decent living

Perpetuate its roots in the countryside and throughout france

Improve work conditions for all stakeholders for an attractive industry

Attract new talents to pass on the torch of dairy professions