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Food safety performance

The French dairy industry has always been at the cuttingedge of food safety. The dairy industry controls the health quality of milk and dairy products at every step, supplying healthy, safe and delicious dairy products to consumers.

What we're proud of

Food safety has always been the primary concern of the French dairy industry: 120 million analyses are carried out (before the milk reaches the processing stage) every year by government-approved laboratories. The challenge for the dairy industry is to further prevent health risks through the optimization of its monitoring, testing and investigation methods. Reducing the presence of pathogens in products is one of Cniel’s sovereign missions because it is built around food safety management of milk and dairy products. Open to consumers, we know that food safety and antibiotic residue are key concerns. The same criteria and methods are used to analyze all French dairy production. The milk collected contains no antibiotic residue thanks to systematic checks, which have always been a key commitment for the French dairy industry.

Beyond a mandatory agreement, dairies implement voluntary processes of quality assurance and certification. The dairy industry has principal duties to:

  • Obey general good hygiene practices specific to the dairy industry.
  • Establish procedures based on the HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) principles: identifying, evaluating and managing dangers. Checkpoints are implemented throughout the production line to ensure the health quality of the milk processed.
  • Implement a traceability system.
  • Implement product withdrawal/recall procedures.

Best-practice guides offer support to the producers during these processes.

The industry today
120 Million analysis every year

1 Method

is used to analyze all french dairy production uniformly across the country

100% of the milk production is tested

to ensure pesticide-free and antibiotic-free products

Our aims for tomorrow

With France Terre de Lait,the challenge for the industry is to further prevent health risks through the optimization of its monitoring, testing and investigative methods. We want to guarantee the absence of antibiotic residue in 100% of milk tested and continue the fight against antibiotic resistance through reasonable use of antibiotics.

Our priorities

Reinforcing risk management systems and helping professionals to adopt new risk management tools

Integrating innovative and high-performing surveillance and analysis tools

Investing in knowledge

Relaying public health messages, like the latest general public website about raw milk cheeses so that everyone can learn about official recommendations about the consumption of these products