Quality of cheese

France’s industrial policy, oriented towards diversity and quality, is behind the retention of cow breeds, age-old production processes and the...

The 300 French dairy companies, using technical expertise handed down from generation to generation, make more than 1,500 different dairy products, from traditional to innovative, to meet all needs. The standard of health and safety in the industry is exemplary. All procedures are transparent and conducted under high surveillance. The success of French dairy products on the export market is proof of this.

The strengths of French cheeses

Fresh products with high standards of quality and safety
Products showcasing their origin and quality

Fresh products with high standards of quality and safety

The quality of milk and dairy products produced in France has reached a degree of excellence which attests to the modernity of its facilities and to the level of professionalism of French dairy farmers.

Starting at the farm, the quality and safety chain continues at processing plants. Milk and dairy products are subjected to particularly strict legislation. Dedicated heads of farms and company managers ensure that it is complied with. Innovations supported by continuous research play a major role within the dairy industry. Whether related to the product itself or its packaging, they are the second-largest expense in dairy investments in France.
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Promoting origin and quality

Even though new technologies are used everywhere, French producers have managed to hold on to their traditional expertise. Official certifications in the form of labels of quality and origin are used to protect this authentic heritage. 45 cheeses, 3 butters and 2 creams have an AOP (French Protected Designation of Origin) label that guarantees consumers that the product is of a certain origin and type. 1 cream and 6 cheeses have an IGP (Protected Geographic Indication) label.
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