Whatever the occasion, there is always room for cheese, whether it is a last-minute addition to a hot or cold meal or offered as a main dish, before...

Tasting cheese

Tasting a cheese is an experience that leaves our sensory organs in a state of excitement. The look, texture, smell and taste bring into play our sight, touch, hearing and our olfactory and gustatory sense organs (nose, tongue and mouth).
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How to eat cheese

There are so many ways to use cheese. While we often eat it uncooked for pure gustatory pleasure during various meals, we also like to add it to other dishes. It is a central part of many regional French specialities like fondue and raclette. It is also a must-have accompaniment, adding that extra special something that turns a meal on its head.
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Did you know?

Contrary to common practice, red wines are not the best pairing with Morbier. The saltiness of this cheese actually strengthens the tannins of the wine. The acidity of white wines, on the other hand, brings enough freshness to support the fat, while their fruitiness counterbalances the strong character of these products. White wine pairings should be handled with care.

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