12-month matured Comté & Russian vodka

Comté & 12-month matured Comté & Russian vodka

The cheese: 12-month matured Comté…

12-month matured Comté has a solid rind which has a strong, grained, deep golden yellow rind covering a soft, smooth centre that is dark ivory yellow. Its bouquet of hay and barn floor gradually develops into a penetrating and fruity flavour. In the mouth, this cheese is soft and fondant, with a smooth, fine texture, with a finish that leaves milky and fruity notes in the mouth.


The beverage: Russian vodka…

This is a spirit with a very specific character. Plain vodka is an alcoholic drink, but it does not have a distinctive flavour or aroma. This is why distillers produce flavoured vodkas. Plain vodka is thus a somewhat neutral spirit that finishes with a dash of bitterness. Served in this way, it is the perfect match for the 12-month matured Comté.

Serving temperature

Serve chilled, between 6 and 8°C, so that the vodka draws a tantalising contrast to the cheese, which should be served at a moderate temperature.

Serving suggestion

It is best to mix the vodka as if you were making a cocktail. Adding just a few natural, aromatic ingredients to this vodka will suffice to make the spirit more enjoyable to drink.

Start with 150ml vodka, add 100ml orange juice, 20ml lemon juice, a few drops of liquid chili, and a dash of ginger to flavour your drink and give it the potency it needs.


Pairing of textures and flavours

This vodka is both temperamental and effective, and pairs well with the cheese because the flavours have been balanced. In the mouth, the cheese is complemented by the potent aromatic effect of the vodka (alcohol + citrus fruit notes + dash of chili). The fruity notes of the cheese pair well with the spices in the drink and they sit well together, making the perfect match. A surprising new pairing that is interesting to try.