Maroilles & Maroilles & Graves Red (2010 vintage if possible)

The cheese: Maroilles…

Maroilles has a smooth, shiny, orange rind that covers a creamy centre with heady aromas. Its characteristic smell of ammonia and full-bodied taste of the bitter, coarse terroir, with aromas of barn hay and a spicy tactile sensation, mean that this cheese leaves no one indifferent. On the palate, the texture is very creamy, and is so potent that it coats all the mucous membranes.


The beverage: Graves Red 2010…

With a beautiful garnet colour with purple shades, this wine has a sumptuous texture, which indicates great generosity of character. The nose initially presents aromas of wood, spice, sweet liquorice and burnt caramel, and it finishes with scents of ripe dark fruit. The mouth displays a tannic structure, with a slightly acerbic, smooth taste that lingers, revealing deep woody and spiced aromas.


Pairing of textures and flavours

The flavour of this temperamental cheese is so strong that few wines go well with it. At a push, ales from the north or Champagne with dominant Pinot Noir and Meunier notes are strong enough to pair well with it once the dosage is right. These wines have characteristics that match the fiery temperament of the cheese. This Graves Red is an exception, and that’s why it should be chosen. It goes against the grain and shows that Maroilles can make a few exceptions. The proof is that this Graves contradicts the common assumption, because it has all the characteristics that make it a good match with the cheese. Its potent and very aromatic tannins and overall vitality (its texture, balance between acidity and alcohol and recurrent flavours) suit the character of the Maroilles.