Bleu de Gex & Pear nectar

Bleu de Gex & Bleu de Gex & Pear nectar

The cheese: Bleu de Gex…

The surface of Bleu de Gex is ivory-white, with patches of blue-green marbling. This cheese gives off two distinct aromas – notes of both hazelnut and mushroom. These aromas can be perceived in the mouth, particularly that of hazelnut, which is characteristic of this cheese. The relatively firm texture becomes creamy and crumbly in the mouth and finishes with a slightly bitter note that is pleasant and in good taste.


The beverage: Pear nectar…

A nice idea for children! You can teach them how to pair cheese with this type of drink. It’s something both young and old can enjoy. Pear nectar gives off aromas of ripe, elegant fruit. The juice has intense aromatic potency and reveals dense flavours with a slightly grainy effect. This tactile sensation makes us melt with pleasure because we can taste the very essence of the pear.

Serving temperature

Serve this nectar chilled (8-9°C) to obliterate the sweet aspect of the fruit juice, which, at room temperature, is a bit sickly and would have the opposite effect on this pairing.

This pear nectar bears a “sweet” sensory marking to bring a coordinated strategy to this beverage and cheese pairing. The sweetness and creaminess are taken into account by the cheese, which revels in this pairing. The finish provides delight for all palates.


Pairing of textures and flavours

This blend is a textbook case in that we have two quite docile partners that form a passionate union as soon as they come together. All sensory effects follow each other elegantly, without interruption. In the mouth, it goes round and round on the palate like an Archimedes screw. The sweetness of one and the creaminess of the other, and the smooth nectar and subtle aroma of the cheese mean that these two were destined to be together.