Camembert de Normandie & Normandy Camembert & Young Beaujolais Fleurie

The cheese: Normandy Camembert…

Its white, bloomy rind with its light stripes and red dots is undoubtedly the most universal reference in the catalogue of French cheeses. This cheese has a smooth, soft texture, with notes of milk and melted butter. It ranges from creamy to very creamy, a little tangy, which can lead to a slightly bitter finish.


The beverage: Young Beaujolais Fleurie…

Displaying a sumptuous violet colour with ruby shades, this wine exhales intense aromas of ripe strawberry, raspberry, and black cherry. Following a quite fresh, nervous attack with nice acidity, Fleurie becomes very supple. The fruity flavour gives it bite and a supple texture, with a slightly soft finish where red fruits take pride of place. A lively wine, with underlying but elegant tannins.


Pairing of textures and flavours

Normandy Camembert has always been difficult to pair with wines. There really is no type of wine that is either predestined or predesignated to pair with this cheese. You simply have to find one that goes best with it. This wine has the best properties to ensure a successful pairing. The fresh, fruity nature of the wine suits the texture, its freshness and nervous side appeals to the creamy and slightly bitter centre, and the aromas of the two really complement each other.