Morbier & Creamy Morbier and old vintage Champagne


… a nine-year-old vintage, for example, which gives it a delicious and fair balance between its aroma of flowers and ripe fruits.

Even at this age, its bubbles remain lively without reducing the freshness, body and length in the mouth


The cheese …

… an uncooked pressed cheese from Franche-Comté: Morbier AOP.

Its sensory approach: its naturally smooth and even rind ranges from light grey to orange. Its ivory, soft, creamy centre is crossed by a horizontal line of black ash. Its characteristics reflect the terroir, with hints of cream and milk, and it has an intensive fruity scent.


The pairing

Morbier has many surprises beneath its supple, soft texture, including the subtlety and duration of its aftertaste. It appeals to the freshness of the Champagne to make it dissolve and the spiced notes of this vintage to reveal it in all its glory…