Robust Salers & Champagne Brut Rosé

Salers & Robust Salers & Champagne Brut Rosé

Brut Rosé Champagne…

. This Champagne features just one grape variety – Pinot Noir – and was ripened in the cellar for over 2 years.

Its sensory approach: its pink colour has deep copper highlights. On the nose, the rosé reveals notes of red fruit – raspberry, blackberry and sometimes blackcurrant. It is heady in the mouth, with a strong flavour of red fruit. Because it becomes sparkling at low temperatures, a delicate effervescence reveals flavours of citrus fruit and spices.


The cheese…

… an uncooked pressed cheese from the Auvergne, Salers AOP.

Its sensory approach: its dry, thick rind covers a yellow centre. Its animal aroma is characterised by herbal, humid and buttery notes. Massive and potent, it is shaped and gets better over time. It is eaten from autumn to the end of winter only.


The pairing

Salers owes the fatty nature of its texture to its milk content, and its aroma to the length of the maturation process. It has quite a high salt content and it goes well with the citrus fruit and spiced notes of the brut rosé. Note that the Champagne is resilient when faced with one of France’s most unusual and strong cheeses.