Chef TALITA SETYADI is passionate about pastries. She started her career at the Cordon Bleu in Paris. She then joined the Fouquet’s, and founded BEAU in 2015, a bakery situated at the prestigious Plaza Indonesia in Jakarta. She was also on the jury of Junior Master Chef Indonesia.

How important is cream in your pastry-making?
Talita Setyadi :

I use cream for everything! It is so versatile that I can use it to make just about everything, and most of my pastries contain cream. It is a central element of my cooking.

How do you process and use cream?
Talita Setyadi :

Cream can be used in almost all recipes. For example, I put cream in custard to make it thicker and give it a richer texture. My little secret is that after making the classic custard, I first let it cool down and then I incorporate whipped cream in it. I get this sort of ice-cream that has a very rich taste. I also use it to make ganaches and eclairs.

La crème me rappelle les occasions spéciales, les fêtes.
What does cream remind you of?
Talita Setyadi :

When I think of cream, I think of special occasions and celebrations. My mother is a fantastic baker, and I remember that she would prepare a special cake for us on all our birthdays during my childhood. So whenever it was my brother’s, sister’s or my birthday, I knew I would find her in the kitchen bustling about with a cream base. Those are really beautiful memories indeed!

What is your favourite cream cake? Which of your creations best highlights the role of cream?
Talita Setyadi :

I am an out-and-out Mont-Blanc fan. It is a very traditional French dessert with a meringue and Chantilly cream. It is a simple way to highlight the purity of the cream. I drew my inspiration to make Mont-Violet from this dessert. I replaced chestnut cream, which is really hard to find in Indonesia, with purple sweet potato cream to make my Mont-Violet. I roast the sweet potatoes and then purée them. Then, I let the purée cool down completely before mixing it with Chantilly cream.

Any advice on how to use/ handle cream for your peers?
Talita Setyadi :

The quality of the cream is a crucial element to be considered. Opt for genuine dairy cream and don’t use any alternatives. Ensure that the fat content is 35% or more because then it will whip better and be creamier.

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