8 individual cakes

60 x 40cm baking tray
squeeze bottle




  1. In a pan, heat the puree and inverted sugar until it reaches a light boil.
  2. Add the sugar and pectin. Bring to the boil for a second time.
  3. Stir well and leave to cool for at least 12 hours before using.




  1. Bloom the gelatine in the water for 2 hours in the fridge.
  2. In a pan, heat the cream to 60 degrees and add the yuzu zest. Stir well.
  3. Place the yuzu chocolate in a separate bowl, add the cream mixture and whisk together well.
  4. Add the bloomed gelatine.
  5. Add the cold cream and yuzu juice.
  6. Mix well with a hand held mixer.
  7. Leave the mixture to stand for 24 hours before whipping the next day.




  1. In a pan, heat the milk to 70 degrees and then add the tea leaves.
  2. Cover and set aside to infuse for 2 hours.
  3. After 2 hours, sieve out the tea leaves and pour the infused milk into a new pan.
  4. Heat to a light boil then add the flour gradually until it forms a dough.
  5. Transfer into the mixing bowl of a stand mixer, with the paddle on a medium speed.
  6. Slowly add the egg yolk and whites.Once well blended, set aside.
  7. Prepare the meringue by beating the egg whites and sugar together in a cold bowl.
  8. Gradually fold the meringue into the mixing bowl mixture.
  9. Pour into a 40 x 60cm baking tray and bake in the oven at 160 degrees for 20 to 30 minutes
  10. Check if the cake is ready by inserting a skewer into the middle of the sponge, if it comes out clean then the cake is ready.




  1. In a pan, heat the cream, the vanilla pod cut in half, and the condensed milk together.
  2. In a separate pan, heat the sugar and glucose to a caramel on a low heat. Do not touch until melted and watch continuously to avoid over cooking.
  3. Slowly add the heated cream to the caramel mixture and stir until completely combined.
  4. Pour into a bowl. Slice the butter into small pieces and add to the mixture along with the seasalt.
  5. Whisk well and chill overnight.




  1. Cut the cream caramel sponge in a 5 cm x 24 cm ring.
  2. Spread a thin layer of passion fruit confit on the sponge and freeze for 20 minutes.
  3. Take out the sponge from the freezer and spread 36g of yuzu whipped cream on top.
  4. Start to roll the sponge in an outward position and seal it with passion fruit confit.
  5. Make sure it is tightly wrapped. Dust all over with coconut powder.
  6. Take out the soft caramel from the fridge and place into a squeeze bottle with a thin piping tip.
  7. Pipe soft caramel inside the roll layers, then freeze the cake for 20 minutes again.
  8. Place the roll on its side. Pour the yuzu whipped cream in a piping bag with a 10mm nozzle.
  9. Pipe on top of the cake starting from the middle, then outwards and on the top middle to form a flower-like shape.
  10. Decorate with light touches of soft caramel using a squeeze bottle, fresh passion fruit pulp and golden flakes for a glamourous look!