Soft raclette & Indian red tea

Raclette & Soft raclette & Indian red tea

Red tea…

… from the northeast of India, from the Halmari Tea Estate in the Assam region.

How to prepare

Heat the water to 90°C, 8g in 500ml water, leaving it to infuse for 4 minutes.

Serving temperature

Serve hot and allow to cool to a temperature similar to that of the melted cheese.


The cheese …

… an uncooked pressed cheese from the Rhône-Alpes region: Raclette de Savoie

How to prepare

Melt in a microwave for 20 minutes or use a raclette machine for a more gratin look.


Sweet pairing ideas

Slices of bread made from muesli, hazelnuts and honey.


Textures and flavours

The soft, creamy texture of the melted cheese with its more or less toasted milky notes rounds the tannins of the tea and reveals its aromatic wood and tobacco notes; the bread completes this set of textures and flavours with its crunchiness, notes of fried fruits and cereals and its pronounced sweet flavour.