Fourme d’Ambert & Creamy Fourme d’Ambert & white tea from Nepal

White tea from Nepal…

… From the Ilam valley.


How to prepare

Heat the water to 80°C, 10g in 500ml water, and leave to infuse for 5 minutes.

Serving temperature

Serve lukewarm to gently accentuate the softness of the cheese.


The cheese …

… A blue-veined cheese from the Auvergne: Fourme d’Ambert AOP.


Sweet pairing

A paste made from raspberry, herbes de Provence and thyme.


Textures and flavours

The almost runny consistency of the cheese, with a hint of bitterness, merges with the vegetal, floral notes of the slightly astringent tea; the fruit paste with dominant raspberry and thyme flavours rounds off the lot and accentuates some of the aromatic notes of the cheese and the tea such as their floral and milky notes.