Comté & roasted blue-green tea from China

Comté & Comté & roasted blue-green tea from China


roasted blue-green tea (or oolong) of China, known as Shui Xian, from the mountainous region of Wu Yi Shan in the province of Fujian in the southeast of China.

How to prepare

Heat the water to 90°C, place 10g of tea in 500ml water, and leave to infuse for 5 minutes. May be prepared according to the gong fu cha* method to concentrate its aromas, and thus to taste it like Saké in small bowls.

*Gong fu cha is a Chinese method of tea-making used to make certain Oolong or Pu-erh teas of high quality to concentrate and reveal the flavours. The idea is to prepare a strong quantity of tea in a small amount of water (about 150ml) in a mini teapot for a short time, about 1 minute, and to pour water over the same leaves when the tea is drunk until their flavour is fully infused.

Serving temperature

Taste while hot to release the dense texture of the cheese.


The cheese…

… a cooked pressed cheese from Franche-Comté: AOP Comté.

Opt for a Comte from a mountainous region. Two crus were tested which form a perfect match with the tea: an outstanding Comté from 2008 and a younger Comté from 2010.


A sweet pairing

A fruity centre, with flavours of apple, lemon and cinnamon.


Textures and flavours

The 2008 cru has a more dense, grainy texture with pronounced notes of dry fruits, while the 2010 has a smoother texture, with milky and buttery notes which blend into the full body of the tea, with its notes of minerals and dry fruits. Its fruity centre brings a tangy flavour of fresh fruit and a touch of sweet spice.