Comté & Firm Comté, old vintage Champagne


… A nine-year-old vintage, for example, which gives it a delicious and fair balance between its aroma of flowers and ripe fruits.

Even at this age, its bubbles remain lively without reducing the freshness, body and length in the mouth


The cheese …

… An uncooked pressed cheese from Franche-Comté: Comté AOP.

Its sensory approach: its ivory to yellow centre is whiter when it made from winter milk. The nose and mouth display aromas of butter, hazelnuts, walnuts, while there is a lingering flavour of citrus fruits.


The pairing

A mature Champagne vintage has enough character to take on the Comté. In the mouth, the body and length of the vintage go naturally with those of the Comté, which enhances them with its characteristic wood and walnut notes.