Hong Kong

Born in Hong Kong, Vicky Cheng grew up with strong influences from Western culture. He began his career in Toronto before working at Daniel, French chef Daniel Boulud’s 3-star restaurant in New York. After perfecting his culinary skills while travelling the world, Vicky Cheng returned home to Hong Kong in 2011. Since then, he has been the executive chef of VAE restaurant and lounge, where he practises a cuisine inspired by his experience on the border between China and France.

What kind of cook are you, classic or creative ?
Vicky Cheng :

I would say that I am a rather creative chef, because I like to make last minute changes – I find it very exciting.

Tell us about yourself.
Vicky Cheng :

I was born in Hong Kong, and my interest in cooking developed by watching cooking channels. I studied in Toronto and started cooking there. Then I worked in New York, under the starred chef Daniel Boulud.

What kind of butter do you use in your kitchen ?
Vicky Cheng :

I only use semi-salted butter, and I use it almost all the time, even for a dish with Chinese flavours. In fact, my cooking philosophy revolves around the marriage of French and Chinese cuisine. This is what I took from my training in the French restaurants in which I worked.

Does butter work for all cuisines in the world ?
Vicky Cheng :

Yes! Butter makes all dishes more “complete”.

Is there a trick or a secret for cooking with butter ?
Vicky Cheng :

Add a little butter to instant noodles: it’s delicious!

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