TERRY WANG has been a pastry chef in many of the large hotels in China including the Sheraton, Park Hyatt, Marriott, Regent, Crown Plaza and the Ritz. He has won several FHC Shanghai awards (3rd in wedding cakes and the 3rd in specialty chocolates). Now he runs the entire kitchen as the pastry chef at the Park Hyatt NingBo.

What role does cream play in your baking?
Terry Wang :

Cream is to pastry as the skeleton is to a human body. One cannot imagine one without the other. Without cream, pastry loses its silkiness and the ingredients will not come together. And ultimately, that brilliant diamond-like effect which cream brings to pastry will be missing.

How do you manipulate cream in your baking?
Terry Wang :

I use cream in a lot of things such as Chantilly cream as a base for ice creams, ganaches, chocolate sauces, soufflés, puddings, and of course, all cream-based desserts.

Cream is to pastry as the skeleton is to a human body
What are its uses?
Terry Wang :

I put cream in almost all pastries like crème brûlée, éclairs, profiteroles, mousses, puddings, ice-creams, cheese cakes, chocolate pralines, toppings and sauces

What is the best dish you've ever created using cream?
Terry Wang :

I try whenever possible to cook with local produce in order to meet customer demand. For example, I mix yellow rice vinegar with cream to make a type of pudding, or I create frozen milk desserts through boiling, concentration or temperature adjustment. The combination of cream and Huadiao Wine (the best yellow rice wine) produces an amazing result. I have received very good feedback regarding the blending of taro, osmanthus (a very fragrant, Asian flower) and cream, which I make into a mousse. I have also experimented with fermented and frozen custard. When frozen, the fat separates and I make madeleines with it instead of butter. I find it much more tasty and fluffy.

Cream: would you say that you like it a lot, passionately, or are absolutely mad about it?
Terry Wang :

I like to use cream. The most important thing is to let the cream properly reflect the pastry. I will not unnecessarily cover a dessert with oodles of cream.

What is your favourite cream pastry?
Terry Wang :

Macaroons, chocolate cake and millefeuille. I not only like making them, but eating them too. I’ve made it a habit to take a bite of one every day. It brightens up my work day.

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