United Arab Emirates

LUDOVIC AUDAUX began his career as a pastry chef at the age of 8 years … under his father’s tutelage. He trained in France, left for the Middle East in 2010 and worked for prestigious hotels in Doha and Dubai. Five years later he joined the Al Habtoor City Complex in Dubai. He oversees all pastry-making and bakery functions within the Group’s establishments.

What role does cream play in your baking?
Ludovic Audaux :

Cream is fundamental to my pastry. It enhances the taste but also contributes to the lightness, plays with textures and brings fluidity

How do you manipulate cream in your baking?
Ludovic Audaux :

I use whipped cream, but also Chantilly cream when I want to make a more mellow dessert

Cream is fundamental to my pastry.
What are its uses?
Ludovic Audaux :

In a mousse based gateau, that’s often served as a base, as well as in cakes to add a little softness and finally custards. Basically, most of my preparations use cream.

What is the best dish you've ever created using cream?
Ludovic Audaux :

The “Salvatrice”, it’s my reinterpretation of the Paris-Brest. I use crème anglaise, ganache montée, and chocolate custard. The cream is essential because it brings all the lightness to the dessert.

Cream: would you say that you like it a lot, passionately, or are absolutely mad about it?
Ludovic Audaux :

Passionately, when I am cooking. And madly, when I’m tasting.

What is your favourite cream pastry?
Ludovic Audaux :

Honestly, I would say the St Honoré. It’s a real tribute to cream on both a visual level and on the palate.