BENOIT COUVRAND has been working behind the scenes of his bakery since leaving Fauchon. He manages both of chef Cyril Lignac’s bakeries where he oversees the production of breads and cakes. He resolutely asserts that his taste buds were made for vanilla, caramel and chocolate! Among his many ever-changing creations, his most secret is his salted butter caramel éclair. His lemon pie and rum baba have become staples among his seasonal collections.

What role does cream play in your baking?
Benoît Couvrand :

I would say that it’s in about 70% of everything we make.

How do you manipulate cream in your baking?
Benoît Couvrand :

It can be used as it is or heated, but never cooked. Incorporated with chocolate for example, for ganaches or whipped. It’s a base. It can be infused cold for some flavours or warm with vanilla for example: we pour boiling cream and allow to infuse for 15-20 minutes. For the caramel, we make a dry caramel and cook it with the hot cream before adding butter and sea salt. You should work mainly with fluid cream and a little heavy cream. With the Chantilly, work it at a constant speed using the simple addition of some vanilla and icing sugar.

Cream is almost in every product we make
What are its uses?
Benoît Couvrand :

All the flavours in our collection are ganache-based. They are included in macaroons, tarts and desserts. They are everywhere! I like the long texture in the mouth – it’s an important transfer of flavours. Only the flan has no cream, as it’d be too fatty and imbalance the thing as a whole.

What is the best dish you've ever created using cream?
Benoît Couvrand :

The Saint Honoré raspberry green anise. Sublime in its marriage between choux pastry, flaky layers and raspberry green anise compote. Here, the cream acts as a binder with everything making it subtle and delicate.

Cream: would you say that you like it alot, passionately, or are absolutely mad about it?
Benoît Couvrand :


What is your favourite cream cake?
Benoît Couvrand :

Baba! I can eat enough for six people all bymyself. The combination of textures, cream and rum… I’m completely greedy.

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