Beaufort & Saké

Beaufort & Beaufort & Saké

The cheese: Beaufort…

From the outside, Beaufort is pale yellow in colour, with small holes, and the surface may be light brown in colour depending on how ripe it is. The centre is smooth and cream in colour; it reveals floral and slightly fruity aromas (depending on the season – the summer cheese is the most fruity one). In the mouth, Beaufort brings out an aromatic register, forming an intense bouquet that lingers, with a slight nuance of mould. The top is fondant, smooth and creamy, and becomes what is known as “buttery”, a flavour that’s between the taste of butter and cream. The finish is slightly acidic and salty.


The beverage: Saké…

It is clear in colour, with greenish hues. It gives off floral aromas with a note of grain and dust (terroir effect) and reveals slight hints of smokiness and a fruity complexity (peach, pineapple). In the mouth, this Saké has a lively attack but without a lot of heat; it is quite round and with a hint of fruitiness. Slightly bitter finish, a little spiced and rather “hot” thanks to the alcohol content.

Serving temperature

There are no rules for serving Saké at a particular temperature – it’s up to the taster to decide this for themselves depending on how they want to enjoy it. It is one of the rare drinks to enjoy this privilege. You can taste Saké chilled, slightly heated, or at room temperature. Or you can do things the Japanese way, taking the Saké out of the fridge and enjoying it straightaway. From this time, take a few sips of the beverage as it gets warmer and reaches room temperature, and if you wish, heat it up a little. At each stage, see what you like the most!


Pairing of textures and flavours

Clearly, this pairing may be surprising, but in practice, it is satisfying (rich, even during the tasting). Fortunately, there is real harmony between the substances, which complement each other perfectly to form an elegant pairing. Temperature plays an important role, because we have noticed that heating the Saké a little makes it a bit sweeter.