Flavoured butter

“Beurre maître d’hôtel” (parsley and lemon butter) or “Café de Paris” (mustard, spices and herbs) for grilled meats, anchovy butter or salmon butter for toast, butter with sage for gnocchi and ravioli, citrus butter for crêpes Suzette… Refined treats and inspired dishes halfway between tradition and modernity, flavored butters can be used equally in both sweet and savoury dishes. On the French and international gastronomic scenes, flavored butters are inspiring chefs, making the simplest dishes sublime and creating alchemy with unusual flavors.

Crafted into small pats, placed on a beautiful piece of grilled meat, the herb-flavored butter melts slowly, releasing its fragrances under the effect of heat, while butter with hints of lemon zest seeps in to the small cavities of a milletrous Moroccan crepe. As for the array of flavored butters offered simply to spread, they come in a range of unexpected flavors: matcha tea butter that livens up anchovy fillets pickled with lime on homemade crackers; black olive butter on toast for dipping in a boiled egg, or butter with nuts and fennel seeds to accompany thin slices of cheese on rye bread.